Meat. Fire. Flavour.


From Cliff's Meats to Meat Matters

After opening its doors in 1979, Cliff’s special recipes earned him countless loyal followers who just couldn’t get enough of his bacon, beef jerky, pepperoni, and ham. A couple of those loyal followers decided to help Cliff in his quest for retirement, and bought the business in 2017, re-naming it Meat Matters.


Animal agriculture has been shunned in recent years for its impact to the environment. In reality, without grazing animals, our soil biodiversity and everything else that relies on it cannot be maintained.


Eating a diet filled with a diversity of REAL food is not a fad. The nutrient density of meat and fat from well-raised animals cannot be found elsewhere, nor can it be made in a factory.


Our Kootenay growing seasons are short. Raising livestock for food extends and supports our agricultural sector. Meat can be raised, harvested, processed, and consumed right here at home. Keep your food dollars here!



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